Amendment to ID Act BMS view

Ref: No.BMS/D-4//2012

Date: 08-6-2012

The Secretary,
Ministry of Labour & Employment,
Govt. Of India,
Shram Shakti Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001.

Sub:- National Manufacturing Policy – Amendment to Section 25FFF(1A) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

Dear Sir,

We thankfully acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 23 May 2012.
With regard to proposed amendments to the ID Act are concerned we have gone through the contents of your letter ibid carefully and after due consideration we are of the view that:-

(a) The proposed pro-worker amendment to contract labour law in the ILC of 2010 has not progressed any further and getting least priority whereas subject amendment to which the worker is hardly interested is getting overriding priority which cannot be appreciated.

(b) Previously SEZ’s became controversial and now creation of NMIZ are also going to the same way. The subject proposal being brought hastily by the Govt. is not an agenda set by the Ministry of Labour but it is only to comply with demand from Ministry of Commerce. The compulsions behind this move to get Act amended cannot be appreciated.

(c) The case of exhaustion of mineral cannot be compared with manufacturing sector and can never be equated with closure of industry. Payment of compensation or to provide for alternative employment has been thrown on the shoulders of employers in case of closure. Govt. wants to withdraw its responsibility which will result in encouraging closures and increase in unemployment which again cannot be appreciated.

(d) BMS is basically opposed to the concept of creation of NMIZ’s and as such no amendment in any industrial law is required.
Hence BMS strongly opposes any amendment to ID Act in haste as proposed in your letter.

We will wholeheartedly welcome any move of the Government in improving the manufacturing sector, if it ensures decent work for the workers and without denying any right of the workers.

Sincerely yours,

General Secretary

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