Memorandum to The Honbl Prime Minister of India.

The Honourable Prime Minister
Government Of India
New Delhi

We the members of BMSRM (Bharatiya Medical & Sales Representatives’ Mahasangh ), an Industrial Unit of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh Demands the Government of that More than Ten Million Sales Promotion Representatives employed by the country’s drug and other sales industry seeking right to trade union protection. On behalf of Medical & Sales Representatives working in India, we submit the following justified Demands for legislation in the parliament which were pending since long.
As you are aware that the entire society is suffering from Health Care Problems due to delayed administrative policies of the Government. So we demand the Govt of India to solve the problems at the earliest by making necessary provisions in the administration.
Your good office is well aware that the pharmaceutical Industry is a glorified industry and revenue generating in the Country and giving a good impact in the National and International Market. Being the Pharmaceutical affairs is linked to Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers the concerned decisions are being delayed and needs supervision and proper guidance which is lacking in Health Care Industry,and the Govt is failing to give Health Care Protection to a common man in the country. Spurious drugs, Smuggled drugs and Banned drugs are playing a game with the health of millions in the country .Hence we urge upon the Govt to address these problems immediately in the Parliament sessions.
1. Medical & Sales Representatives to be recognized as workman and an amendment
to be made in central ID Act 1947.
2. A separate cabinet Ministry or a Department to be formed for Pharmaceutical affairs to
Prevent unethical practice in the Pharma Industry.
3. Mergers and acquisitions are not be allowed and there should be strict control to
Maintain the employment potential of the country by protecting the interest of
Small and medium scale companies.
K.Prudhvi Raju P. P. Nandha Kumar
National President General Secretary
M: 09885165015 M: 09446291806

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