After 1980 and especially after adoption of New Economic & Industrial Policy in 1991 the workings of several thousands of Industrial Units were either Suspended or Locked out or closed throwing several Lakhs of Workers out of Employment.

In Agriculture sector, Farming became costly and crops / produce could not avail profit prices. Media made wide propaganda that Farming is no longer able to provide Livelihood for farmers and their families.

This uncertainty caused migration of several crores of farmers and agricultural labours to towns, cities and even to Abroad for alternate employment.  This resulted crowds in cities making life to become abnormal and labour becoming more and more cheaper.

However in recent survey only 8% of farmers expressed no faith in farming, 32% expressed hesitations but 60% EXPRESSED FULL CONFIDENCE IN Farming provided they could be provided need based timely support.

Corporate houses of India and foreign  are entering in a big way in retail, agriculture and all kinds of Manufacturing, Health,  Education and Tourism etc., which are based with High-Tech, having least Employment Potentiality.

India (Bharat) is a thickly populated country having population of more than 120 Crore. Our present employment potentialities is only 8 crore in Mills, Factories and Establishments Organized sector of Public & Private Sector, while about 32 Crores Semi Employed are in Un-organized Sector. (Mostly is Agricultural Worker). We have capital based Industries and few labour based industries providing two types of Employment  i.e. Wage Employment  and Semi or Self Employment.  Presently this 40 Crores Employment has been reducing drastically due to aforesaid reasons.

We are fully aware that Capital based Industries (which is coming largely at present) have opportunity of Minimum Employment due to High tech machines and also without Job securities or social security’s and purely  on Contract basis . Moreover, big and High Tech industries destroy natural environment increases pollution, momentise Industrial hazards. Global warming is outcome of such Industries. Thus, these type of Industries are dangerous for both i.e.  Nature & Human beings.

But, we need more and more Employment having Job and Social Securities and that too on permanent basis.  This can only be possible through Small, Medium, Cottage and Home based Industries. Such Industries can only be able to employ large number of population in both manner i.e. Wage Employment and for Self Employment.

If we honestly think, then such large number of Employment can only be possible in RURAL Bharat besides Town, Cities and Big Industries.

WHAT TO DO – is a big Question, Do we believe that Farming and VILLAGES have  still potentiality to provide not only Maximum Employment but keeping balance   in nature and be friendly to human kind.

BMS has 3 Motto – Nationalize the LabourLabourise the IndustryIndustrialize the Nation. Untill, now we have done much for nationalizing the Labour and achieved significant success.

On Labourisation we have done only one experiment in New Central Jute mill of West Bengal. But on Industrialization we failed to do any remarkable Work.


As per our Constitutional Clauses 1-a,b,c, 5,9 and 10. WE are committed to Provide Skill and Professional Training for ensuring Employment Opportunity to our Youth, Un employed due to closure of factories and establishments and semi employed of
Un organized sector etc.

In 2007 some practical training on this line was done at UDYAMITA, Chitrakoot and VIKASA BHARATI, Gumla, Ranchi which could provide some Rural Employment in Villages. DO WE WANT MORE?




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