DBT CC Inauguration Program


  • Akhil Bharatiya Anganwadi Karamchari Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Bidi Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Cement Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Construction Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Distillery Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Ispat Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Khadan Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Krishi & Gramin Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Khanij Dhatu Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Mathsya Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Sugar Mill Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Vanawasi Gramin Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Currency and Coins Karamchari Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Engineering & Metal Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Jute Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Kagaz Udyog Karamchari Mahasangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Vidyut Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Medical & Sales Representatives’ Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Parivahan Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Plantation Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Port & Dock Mazdoor Mahasang
  • Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation
  • Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Private Transport Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Railway Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Swayattashasi Karamchari Mahasangh
  • Bharatiya Vastrodyog Karmachari Mahasangh
  • Kendriya Karamchari Mahasangh
  • National Organisation of Bank Officers
  • National Organisation of Bank Workers
  • National Organisation of Insurance Workers
  • Public Sector Employees National Confederation
  • Rashtriya Rajya Karamchari Mahasangh
  • Sarkari Karmchari Rashtriya Parisangh
  • Akhil Bharatiya Theka Mazdoor Mahasangh
  • Indian Telecom Employees Federation
  • All India Shipyard Employees Federation
  • Senior Citizen & Pensioners Mahasangh


    19th All India Conference

    16th, 17th, and 18th April, 2020





    Welcome To Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh

    BMS in 1955 existed only in the minds of a few determined persons who assembled at Bhopal under the guidance of Shri D.B. Thengadi – a thinker and intellectual, who had even earlier dedicated accepting the noble principle of self abnegation, his entire life to social work. He collected a band of determined workers around him to work for the organisation selflessly.

    The circumstances in which BHARATIYA MAZDOOR SANGH (BMS) came into existence in the trade union field of India have shaped its significant role in the trade union movement.



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